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COMING SOON: A Story to Tell – Learning from People who met Jesus

    • Everyone has a story to tell. Stories about life and learning. The Bible is full of stories. Jesus was a consummate storyteller and he met thousands of people. Each had a story to tell both before and, without doubt, after they had encountered him.
    • In A Story to Tell, we consider ten of those stories. Twelve people who met Jesus: six women and six men. Some intimate, personal 1:1 encounters: the daughter of Jairus, Nicodemus, the woman from Samaria and the man from the Gerasenes. Some from the core group of disciples and followers: Mary Magdalene, Martha and Mary, Thomas, John and Judas Iscariot. And those two people, without whom, Jesus would not have come to earth to shape both our future and our salvation: Mary and Joseph. They all have stories to tell. There is much to learn from all of them.
    • Also contains suggestions for use in small groups.
    • Available as a free download. Printed and bound copies also available.
    • Contact Richard for more details.

Life with St Benedict, a book written by Richard providing daily reflections on the Rule of St Benedict is to be published by BRF in September 2019.

Timothy Fry OSB has produced a popular English translation of The Rule of St Benedict and authors such as Esther de Waal and Joan Chittister OSB have written several books about the Rule.

Take a look at this excellent video from Mark Greene at LICC which encompasses everything Richard would say about the significance of work.

If you have suggestions for other books relating to faith, work, rest and prayer please get in touch.