Love Yourself

‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself,’ (Mark 12:31). Probably most of us feel comfortable with the ‘love your neighbour’ bit… thinking of others, being kind to people… ‘Yep, I can do that. That bit’s OK.’

But what about, ‘as yourself’? To love ourselves in the same way as we love others.

Umm… more tricky that.

Love Yourself is a talk given by Richard at ‘Holy Ground’ at Exeter Cathedral on Sunday 14 May 2023. If you prefer an audio-only version please click here. (Music not included)

On Earth as it is in Heaven – A Reflection for Ascension Day

In comparison to Christmas, Holy Week and Easter, Ascension Day can often just pass us by. We go all out to commemorate the first day of Jesus’ life on earth at Christmas and yet we can totally overlook this, the last day of his earthly ministry. This film explores the meaning of the Ascension and its relevance for our lives today. As a way of understanding the Ascension, the film considers some other, seemingly ‘impossible’ events that also took place in Jesus’ life and compare them with our experience, knowledge and understanding and how they might help us know more about just who he was. Click here to watch.

Come, Holy Spirit – A Reflection for Pentecost

Pentecost is the time when we remember the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples. But what of us, moving through all the post-Easter weeks & finding ourselves at Pentecost once again? In this film we’ll explore some aspects of the person of the Holy Spirit and the role of the Spirit in our lives as Christians today. Click here to watch.

Faith Seeking Understanding – A Reflection on the Trinity

This video is about the Trinity, an often misunderstood and at times rather confusing aspect of our Christian belief. In this film we will reflect on the Trinity and how God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit  individually and together play an important part in our life and faith as Christians.   Click here to watch.

Reflections on Mental Health

Taking the theme of what we can learn from Jesus and some of the people he met, these three films consider different aspects of mental health and mental ill health. They were first made available to coincide with the annual World Mental Health Day on 10 October.

Finding Stability in Times of Change

These three videos explore how as we listen to God we become increasingly aware that in order to change, stability is needed; and in order to be stable, we are also to change. The suggestion is to watch each film in order, leaving time for silent reflection in-between. The first film also contains some suggestions on using silence and an introduction to Benedictine spirituality.

  1. Introduction & Listening to God
  2. Change
  3. Stability

You may like to use the films as the structure for a personal quiet day  with periods of silence inbetween or perhaps watching one a day/week/month. It’s up to you. Whatever deepens your faith and trust in God at these times.

Life with St Benedict

A short video introducing the Rule of St Benedict and Richard’s book Life with St Benedict.

Out of the Wilderness

A series of videos for Lent, Holy Week & Easter. Click here for more details.