Lent, Holy Week & EasterThere are plenty of books out there to use during this season and many churches run discussion groups and courses. If you are looking for some material to use in your church then do feel free to look at A Story to Tell and use the stories and group discussion material there. It’s available as a book to buy in paperback or as an eBook – and abridged on the companion website.

Also, here is a series of short videos for Lent, Holy Week and Easter, called Out of the Wilderness. These could also be used in groups or as a personal Lent course for you to use as you wish.

There’s one video for each of the weeks during Lent so you may like to watch them at those times. The two for Holy Week and Easter are split in to daily parts so you can watch a bit each day if you wish. But of course it’s entirely up to you – it will probably make more sense to watch them in the order they appear and perhaps helpful to leave space between each one for personal reflection and prayer. You could also ignore the dates completely and watch them whenever you want to.

Click on each title to watch:

There’s also a free Companion Booklet you can use to make a note of any reflections or insights you have during this period. You are welcome to make copies of the booklet and use the videos in small group settings.