A prayer for a working week: Lord, I pray for my colleagues that we would work well together. I pray for all who will benefit from and depend on what we do. May our decisions respect all who are affected. May this week be honouring to you and other people and be to your glory. Amen.

Please pray for workplaces.

All businesses and organisations go through difficult times. Financial problems. Unwell employees. Redundancies & cutbacks. Restructuring & reorganisation. Cashflow issues. Poor sales & profit warnings. Bullying & harassment issues. Poor relationships. Bad practice. Weak leadership. Difficult colleagues. Customer complaints. Concerns about Brexit… the list could be endless. All such issues can impact not only upon employees but also their families, friends, customers and intermediaries.

There will, of course, be many times for good news as well: so our prayers can thank God for the many blessings there are.

Please pray for:

All at British Steel in Scunthorpe in continuing uncertainty but also giving thanks for better news (17 Aug)

Work colleagues, family and friends of the police officer at Thames Valley Police and the lawyer with Royal IHC murdered this week (16 Aug)

For all working at Harland & Woolf in Belfast and Ferguson Marine Engineering at the Clyde shipyard. (10 Aug). And give thanks for better news for the latter (17 Aug)

For those whose jobs are to be made redundant at Tesco Metro stores (5 Aug)

Workers in the emergency services, helicopter pilots, engineers & construction workers and all providing support for the residents of Whaley Bridge (3 Aug)

Players and staff at Bury FC and Bolton Wanderers FC as the new season begins amidst an uncertain future (3 Aug)

Staff, holidaymakers and customers of the Malvern Group (trading as Late Rooms and Super Break) which has gone in to administration (2 Aug)

Staff at Ryanair and those making decisions about redundancies. For staff and students connected to GSM London as it enters administration (31 July)

Workers at Vauxhall at Ellesmere Port as rumours and speculation take hold (29 July)

All who work at 10 Downing Street at this time of change (23 July)

All workplace chaplains who offer vital support to many people in their places of work across the UK.

Each topic shown will remain on this page for about a month. Richard will pray for each situation regularly – do join in committing these people to God’s love and care.

If you would like prayer for your workplace please contact Richard and he will publish the concern below (you can anonymise the organisation or people concerned if you prefer and your name and email address will not be published). Please do not share information which has not been made public. Depending on length, contributions may summarised or edited.