Finding Stability in Times of Change

Change is nothing new, ever-present and often faster than many people can cope with. We live in a world where change is often feared, stability can be elusive and busyness interferes with listening to God.

Using the miracle of the calming of the storm as its focus, Finding Stability in Times of Change considers how the storm symbolises periods of change, transition and difficulty and how the calming influence of Christ helps us to find stability. The book includes practical and achievable suggestions for readers to consider in their own life. With a Foreword by Andrew Nunn, Dean of Southwark, Finding Stability in Times of Change is published by Endulini Publishing.

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Books etcLooking to Move On

A contemporary story of loss & love, grief and joy, conflict and resolution, tears and laughter. The title reflects the message of the book which is one of hope over adversity and that moving on, rebuilding life, is always possible. This is Richard’s debut novel is published by Chronos Publishing.

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Life with St Benedict 

The Rule of St Benedict has much to say about faith, work and daily living. In a time when many are seeking space, silence and spiritual depth, the Rule retains relevance in a world where change is often feared, stability can be elusive and busyness interferes with listening to God.

Life with St Benedict provides daily reflections on the Rule as an aid to enabling personal spiritual growth and prayer. Published by BRF in 2019, click here to buy or contact Richard for a copy. Here’s a film about the book and some reviews.

A Story to Tell – Learning from People who met Jesus

Everyone has a story to tell. Stories about life and learning. Jesus was a consummate storyteller and he met thousands of people. Each had a story to tell both before and, without doubt, after they had encountered him.

A Story to Tell considers the stories of Nicodemus, the woman from Samaria, Thomas, Mary Magdalene, Judas Iscariot, Mary & Martha and others. Containing material for personal reflection and suggestions for group discussion, this book explores a range of issues including healing, wholeness, devotion, doubting, waiting, finding, betrayal and love. Abridged versions and new stories are available online at A Story to Tell. The book costs £7.50 plus p&p and can ordered by contacting Richard and is also available as an eBook.

‘Richard Frost’s writing is accessible, practical and encouraging,’ writes Mark Oakley in the foreword. I was once advised never to listen to any interpretation of the Bible in which you couldn’t hear the love between the lines. Richard helps us hear that love and how it can also be fruitfully read between the lines of the life we live.’ 

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Quiet Days, Workshops, Links etc

Richard offers a Quiet Day for churches and other Christian organisations entitled Finding Stability in Times of Change. Revd Jane and Richard are happy to facilitate Quiet Days with other themes also. To find out more or to discuss one for your setting, please see the events page or please get in touch.

And for more about Benedictine Spirituality… Take a look too as this short film by Father Giles OSB at Pluscarden Abbey and an excellent summary of Benedictine Spirituality from Sister Jeana Visel OSB.