Lent Quiet Morning – Totnes

All are welcome to join Revd Jane and Richard Frost in reflecting on the meaning of Lent. Taking the Church of England’s Lent theme of Watch & Pray, there will be two short talks and times for prayer and quiet reflection. Please contact Richard if you would like to come.

Exploring our Faith

Sometimes I wonder why I bother going to church. Being a lay minister and married to the vicar has something to do with it, I guess… ‘It’s nothing more than a religious social club,’ as a normally mild-mannered, retired priest put it recently. Like many organisations made up of fallible Read more…

‘Don’t you know who I am?’

‘I thought you’d have opened up by now,’ the voice said as I unlocked the church door for a Quiet Morning. ‘I’m going to the office.’ ‘The office isn’t open to the public at the moment,’ I explained. ‘Well, I’m not the public. Don’t you know who I am?’ To Read more…

Finding Stability in Times of Change

At this time of major change in the way we live our lives and with many people feeling isolated, anxious or unsettled, I’ve put together some short films to help provide some stability. Click on this link to find out more and to watch them.